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DVD Streaming, U.S. Marshals, and E-parasites. Oh my!

  Didn’t content owners learn anything from the MP3 player?  Give people what they want, and charge them a fair price for it. Make lots of money. No, instead lets desperately cling to the way things are until they collapse. Then Apple as a middleman is far more prosperous than you as the content owner. […]

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Copyright in the News: Havens and Hangovers

  Judge threatens to dismiss another Righthaven copyright lawsuit: A judge is threatening to dismiss another copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas for a familiar reason: Lack of standing. http://bit.ly/nYtggb Viacom To NY Court: YouTube Allows ‘Rampant Copyright Infringement’ – A lawyer for Viacom Inc. warned an appeals court panel Tuesday […]

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